Tuesday, 23 January 2007

A Great Report from Wendy Seymour

On behalf of the PNG Association and Community I would like to thank Bruce Kennon for the kind donations of the 10 old water bottles you managed to collect for me after I had asked you. They came in handy for the PNG Turagu Team (the 2nd PNG mens team) on Saturday as we had an esky full of fruits and excess frozen water bottles to take to them. The other 2 x PNG Teams who were the PNG Barbarians (PNG National Mens Team and number 1 team) and the PNG Raggianas (who were the PNG National Womens Team) were adequately supplied on Saturday. On Sunday they came in handy again not only for drinking but also to keep the esky and other food stuffs cold.

We have since found out it was the first time PNG had ever entered 3 teams for the Hottest 7's here in Darwin. The PNG Barbarians have previous experience in International Hottest 7's participating in places like Wellington NZ, and Singapore, etc. With a couple or so of the mens team from the PNG National Mens 15's called the Puk Puks (which means crocodiles in PNG tok pisin) participating in the games. This included the skipper of the Puk Puks (the tall Kavieng one with the tail at the back of his head, for those of you watched the games.)

The PNG Turagu Team were made up of players who missed out on the selection of the mens national side for the Barbarians. However they performed tremendously and put on a magnificent show. (All 3 teams did.)

Some of the things I was observing whilst the 3 teams were playing were:

1. How well were they able to play in Darwin's wet seasons extreme heat because it was their first time. I was concerned about dehydration and extreme heat exhaustion. Nil casualty in this area as they took notice to drink as much water as they possibly can. I have encouraged them to mentor PNG athletes preparing for the Arafura Games. They played in the wet season which is more hotter and humid than the dry NT season yet they were still able to perform however due to global warming I don't know how this will affect this year's Arafura Games.

2. Nutrition of the players - enough sodium (salt) and electrolytes. With the amount of sweating, etc a lot of sodium and electrolytes would have been lost. Therefore how good was their diet before they came here and during their stay here. They are extremely fit and fast.

From my personal view during the semi finals on Sunday I noticed the PNG Turagu Team did not do much running around when they played their last game against Aussie Spirits. I observed that they may have used up all their stamina, endurance and that the heat would not have helped either.

So I will endeavour to get one of my Army Physical Training Instructor to give a list of recommended sustagens, etc so that I may be able to have available for them next year in the Hottest 7's in 2008. Maybe do up a list on nutrition, etc for all of them also. They may have to get that ADF personnel who drilled them in part of their training over in Port Moresby to drill them again to build their stamina and endurance level. Leave it for the coaches and team managers to deal with it.

I am also supporting PNG athletes participating in the Arafura Games 2007 in getting them to book their accomodations on time and acting as a go between for them on any matters they may query me about.

Overall a great performance during the event if only our people back in PNG were able to witness it. However some of the PNG community were able to come in and support the teams not realising that they were also witnessing history in the making for the first PNG Womens Rugby Union team ever to play for Papua New Guinea at an international event. I was honoured to be their liason personnel on behalf of the NTRU and on behalf of the PNG Association and PNG Community in the NT. The ladies only had 5 months training and went on to play against one of Australia's best womens national side South Australia to be defeated 15 d 12 in the semi finals of the Jabiru Womens Pool. The Darwin PNG Community Aunties and Uncles brought in food to the stadium and fed them throughout the weekend. We even had a welcoming kai (dinner/meal/lunch, etc) for them on Friday evening. All 3 teams were lost for words for the generosity and the hospitality of the PNG Community here who supported them. A couple of the Barbarian players told me it was like being home away from home and throughout their international careers they have never had such support from a PNG Community. I am assuming because no-one from PNG here in Australia or overseas have never thought about supporting PNG athletes when they compete overseas in the country they reside in. So looks like Darwin has paved the way for other PNG communities to consider doing something like this in the future if they wish.

There are a couple more people I have to thank of which you will be receiving more information on the 3 x PNG teams. I also hope that most of this information is relayed back to the PNG media and the PNG Sports Federation. They really need to take notice of what PNG athletes or sporting individual bodies have to say especially if those at executive level who had never played any sports in their life or competed at national or international level and have no idea how the rest of the sporting world operates. My sources also tell me they closed the door on the Raggianas when they asked for sponsorship to compete in the Hottest 7s.

For those of you who are into Rugby Union or League the place to shop for your favourite teams colours and logos is at:

The Rugby Shop

Mitchell Centre

55 Mitchell Street


Those of you in PNG who might want to order on line try this website:

Ph: (08) 8981 1433

Mobile: 0414 609 609

Fax: (08) 8981 1022

Those from PNG or overseas you have to look up the international code your end if you wish to contact the rugby shop by land line. I know our people are huge Rugby fans over there.

Those of you who are big Blues supporter make sure you get your Blues State of Origin jerseys, etc from here. I had a Blues State of Origin shirt but lost it to a Broncos supporter when she stayed overnight at my place LOL. Word of advice never loan your Blues shirt as a nightie or for people to wear. Now I have to get another one before this year's State of Origin. Go Blues! YES!!

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